Central Station

At our Central Station, professionals are keeping a watch on your property at all times and will alert emergency responders instantly in case of a fire or intrusion.

At REECE Complete Security Solutions, all monitoring services are provided through our Five Diamond, UL Listed, state of the art Central . As soon as an alarm goes off, professionals at our Central Station are able to instantly monitor your entire business to see what caused the alarm and also alert the correct responders. Our goal is to ensure that our clients receive only the best monitoring services by receiving and responding correctly to each alarm signal, while eliminating the worry caused by false alarms.

Professionals at our Central Station are keeping eyes out on your business, providing periodic check-ups on your business or warehouse throughout the day. At our Central Station, we can watch in on your business to make sure that everything is secure and protected, and our customers can set up the schedule that works best for them, whether that means checking in every half hour, every few hours, or at specific times of the day.

This ensures that our customers can rest easy knowing that we are constantly keeping an eye on their business even if they are away.

Our remote video monitoring accomplishes the same job as a patrol service, without the need of a car or patrol officer showing up at your business. This can avoid false alarms with the ability to instantly monitor your entire business. Often, patrol services require a few minutes to respond to an alarm, giving a possible intruder time to exit the building and get away.

With Commercial remote video monitoring, you can eliminate this worry by knowing that we will have eyes on your business as soon as an alarm is triggered.