Rely on REECE for your fire system needs.

As part of our services, we provide the installation of new fire protection systems such as fire alarms, fire detection, sprinkler and fire suppression systems. Our design engineers design fire protection and suppression systems that are specific to your facility, that will detect and respond to fire conditions to ensure the safety of your occupants and minimal damage to your facility. Providing you with peace of mind, knowing that your facilities and the people who live, work and play in them are safe from the ravages of fire. Once a system is installed, we test it to make sure it will work properly when needed, provide an overview or training to anyone that might need to understand the operations of the system and schedule out your next inspection.

Why You Want REECE:

  • Unified Installation and Monitoring Services
  • Expertise with Local Fire Requirements
  • Annual Test and Inspection Agreements and Reminders
  • Battery Replacement Reminders