REECE offers complete security technology systems to the following industries. From a simple request to a complex multi-facility operation, REECE will create a custom solution to meet your needs and budget.

Industries We Serve - Corporate Headquarters and Facilities

Corporate Headquarters and Facilities

Every company has different requirements for their security system however one thing is always the same, you need your system to satisfy your needs now as well as your company grows. REECE works with you to identify those needs and only works with manufacturers that are built for growth. Whether it is an automatic gate, video surveillance of a parking lot, or central management of multiple locations, REECE has the solution for you.

Industries We Serve - data center

Data Centers

Companies across the country are requiring the construction of new and secure data centers. With each company’s security specifications being different, you need a partner who will work with the multiple layers of the organization to ensure that all specifications are being completed. Whether you require rack locators, temp and humidity sensors, or sirens at all doors, REECE will be there every step of the way ensuring the security of your data.

Industries We Serve - Government Agencies

Government Agencies

Over the last five years, REECE has built a customer base that is 70% public agencies around the state of Oregon. As a result, REECE has earned an outstanding reputation for service within the public sector and we have an in-depth understanding of the day to day security challenges you face. Our simple approach tailors solutions to the agencies’ security requirements while staying within their budget.

Industries We Serve - K 12 Schools

K-12 Schools

Our experience and success working with school districts, allows us to anticipate the specific timing and safety needs for each school. Every facet is important to provide a quality installation with minimal interruption of services. REECE employs the best method practices to help maintain a comprehensive safety and communication plan.

Industries We Serve - Higher Education

Higher Education

Working with Colleges and Universities takes an extra level of coordination. Every department has its own budget but still uses the same facilities. REECE has experience with this level of coordination, by every customer having a specific account manager, there is always one contact at REECE to call. Colleges and Universities also have multiple buildings and campuses. The key to a good security system is that scalability of the system to provide a pathway to standardization and central management while still empowering each location the security oversite they require.

Industries We Serve - Hospitals and Healthcare

Hospitals and Healthcare

Keeping your patients, visitors, and staff safe is the prime need for security in your facilities. REECE gives you the ability to control the flow of people throughout the healthcare facility and access to its IT assets. These areas include, but are not limited to, maternity wards, pediatric department, emergency, intensive care unit ICU, pharmacy, etc. REECE gives the ability to view and record any activity at any time from any location has fundamentally helped healthcare facilities to optimize their security with video surveillance.

Industries We Serve - utilities


The utility industry is an ever-changing industry. In today’s world, security is as important as ever. REECE wants to work with you to help secure your facilities. While partnering with us, we can harden your perimeter, provide surveillance of your facilities, and connect your monitoring the people that need know.

Industries We Serve - Manufacturing and Industrial

Manufacturing and Industrial

Manufacturing Facilities faces many unique challenges with their security. REECE is here to help with advanced security technologies, security best practices, and reducing the need for large IT teams. With our help, we can help to secure your facilities, your people, your trade secrets, and your intellectual property.


Keeping passengers and employees’ safes is the most important goal for transit agencies. To accomplish this goal, REECE works with these agencies to secure bus and rail yards, transit terminals, office buildings, parking lots, and deploy mobile security to the buses and trains. By introducing successful emerging technology, REECE is here to partner with you to accomplish your current security goals as well as work together to develop a plan for the future.